scala actors which I think are better than what's out there now
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This is my attempt to build actors in Scala that have everything that I want them to do. here's my list in no order:

  1. type safety
  2. all operations return a future
  3. delayed execution
  4. ability to easily manage complex shared state

Most of the inspiration for this was taken from Scalaz, specifically here and here.

This code has a long way to go, so don't rely on it in production. or actually at all right now.


It aims to be pretty simple. Here's an example (explicit types included for clarity):

import com.github.arschles.betteractors._

//the actor helper method takes in a Function1 and returns an actor that takes
// T and returns Future[T]
val doIncrementActor:Actor[Int, Int] = actor { in:Int => in + 1 }

//send operations to the actor and get back a com.github.arschles.Future, which is similar
//to java.util.concurrent.Future except it has functional composition which can be nice
val future:Future[Int] = doIncrementActor ! 22

//if you want to do something after the operation is done (ie: future.get stops blocking and returns),
//use |||. This is similar to the unix pipe concept - take the output of the future when ready and pass
//it to the given function. note that the given function can itself return a value or a Future. either way
//you get back a new future
val nextFuture:Future[String] = future ||| (intResult => intResult.toString + " as a string")

println(nextFuture) //"23 as a string"


  1. write tests
  2. goto 1