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docker build or az acr build?

One of the great things about Cloud Native systems is that they're centered around containers. You can build your app, package it up into a container image, and then you can run the image in all sorts of places: your machine, your CI/CD system, your staging setup, and even production.

bld is a little tool to make building container images a little easier.

More background here:

How to Build this Binary

Make sure you're running with Go modules turned on. You can also optionally set GOPROXY to a modules proxy ( is one 😄)

When you're ready, run:

go build

You'll have a ./bld binary that you can use. Read on for how to use it.

How to Use bld

I try to make it simple to use the binary. You always run something like this:

bld -t my/image -f my/Dockerfile my/build/context

The -f flag is optional, the other stuff is required. If docker is available in the executable PATH, then bld will run docker build -t my/image -f my/Dockerfile my/build/context. Otherwise, it'll run az acr build -t my/image my/Dockerfile my/build/context.

In the former case, make sure your Docker daemon is up and running, and your docker CLI can talk to it.

In the latter case, make sure you're logged into your Azure account from the az CLI. Also remember that you have to pay for stuff! For example:

  • You have to pay for builds
  • Builds automatically store images in ACR, and you also have to pay for that