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Sep 22, 2015

Go In 5 Minutes

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Welcome Gophers! First off, lots of ❤️ from me to you. I hope you enjoy the screencasts, and as always, keep on rockin!

Go in 5 Minutes was featured on GoTime. Check out the episode!

This repository has code and outlines for Go In 5 Minutes Screencasts. All content (code samples, outlines, etc...) is organized into folders, starting with episode0 and going from there.

Full descriptions and videos are at

Shortened URL for this repository:

Shortened URL for screencasts:

Request A Screencast

If you've been interested in a Go package, best practice, or topic, I've probably had some experience with it, so I'd like to hear from you. Especially if you'd like to see a screencast on it!

Please submit an issue with a short description on the package/best practice/etc... that you've been thinking of.

Here are some example issues:

I'd love to hear from you!

Get The Ultimate Guide to Webapps in Go

I've built The Ultimate Guide to Web Apps in Go for those who want to easily maintain or build production-quality webapps in Go.

I'll dive deep into the nuts and bolts of building full-stack web apps in Go. You'll get consistent updates (about 2x/month) on current technology and best practices.

Buy the subscription here

Get the Bundle of the First 10 Episodes

The bundle is a downloadable, DRM-free, HD set of the first 10 episodes of Go in 5 Minutes.

If you're just getting started with Go, This is a great resource.

Buy the bundle here

Email Newsletter

I send out an email newsletter intermittently with screencasts, additional information and resources. I encourage you to sign up for it at

Issues With Code, Documentation, etc...

If you see any problems with code, documentation, or anything else in this repository, please submit an issue with the bug label and I'll fix it as soon as I can. Pull requests are also welcome.

Build, Test and Run Instructions

All the folders that start with episode (such as episode0) contain the outline and code samples for that episode, and all code samples can be built and run.

Unless otherwise specified in the in the episode folder, the commands for building, testing and running simply use the go tool. All episodes are buildable and testable, but some don't have a package main because they're libraries, so they won't be runnable.

  • build: go build
  • test: go test
  • run: go build -o example && ./example


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