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# Great Packages for Go - Beyond 5 Minutes

Today I'm coming at you from [GopherCon Iceland](
to talk about useful Go frameworks and packages!

I'm going beyond 5 minutes today to show you packages that I and lots of others
lean on every day to get their work done.

Everything in here is battle tested, maintained and documented well, and in
this screencast, I talk about each framework and specifically what it can do
for you.

Check out the screencast for more!

# The Frameworks

- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](
- []( ([godocs](


If you enjoy these screencasts, please consider
[becoming a backer](
and supporting this project. Cool stickers and more await you if you do!
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type = "screencast"
title = "Go Beyond 5 Minutes: Commonly Used, Popular Packages and Frameworks for Real Life Development"
author = "Aaron Schlesinger"
date = "2018-06-03T12:57:11-07:00"

_Episode 23_

In this episode I'm coming at you from GopherCon Iceland to talk about
commonly used packages for Go!


A GIFM viewer asked in [issue 148]( about common packages and frameworks outside the standard library that are useful for Go apps.

I go beyond the standard 5 minute format and talk for 20+ minutes about
great packages that you should look at for use in your Go apps.

If you're starting to write a new Go app, these packages can save you tons
of time. If you have an existing app, you can remove a lot of your code
and replace with some of these things.

After all, the best code you can write is no code!

Keep on rockin', Gophers!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Check out the example code [on Github](

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