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Building Web Applications in Go

Watch The Screencast

Go in 5 Minutes, episode 5.

This screencast shows the general layout and structure of a web application, as requested in Issue # 24.

Screencast video:

YouTube Subscriptions and Github stars

Thanks again to everyone who continues to submit and vote on the GitHub Issues!

I've also noticed that the YouTube channel just passed 500 subscribers and as I write this README, this repository has passed 100 stars.


I'm humbled that you guys think highly enough of Go In 5 Minutes to vote and subscribe, and I'd like everybody to tell your friends and coworkers, and otherwise spread the word.

Your votes, stars, subscriptions and feedback all motivate me a lot!


  1. What kind of server
  2. Extensibility
  3. Concerns
  • Database communication
  • Template rendering
  • APIs
  1. Example - simulating a candy jar for trick-or-treating
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