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Simple "Hello, World" with BlueEyes

This project contains four sample services built with BlueEyes:

  • HTML service (HelloHtmlServices) - Shows basic request handling in Blueeyes with HTML output
  • HTML service with startup/shutdown hooks (HelloStartupShutdownServices) - Shows how to add startup and shutdown hooks
  • JSON service (HelloJsonServices) - Shows how to output basic JSON in a HTTP GET request
  • Mongo service (HelloMongoServices) - Shows how to connect to a MongoDB instance and have GET and POST methods for retreiving and saving JSON data

Run locally

  1. Clone this git repo.

  2. Compile the apps

     sbt stage
  3. Set the PORT environment variable for the static content server:

     export PORT=8080
  4. Start the static content server:

     target/start net.interdoodle.example.HttpStaticFileServer
  5. Set the environment variables for the app server:

     export PORT=8585
     export MONGOLAB_URI=mongodb://
     export CONTENT_URL=http://localhost:8080/
  6. Start the app server:

     target/start net.interdoodle.example.AppServer

Run clients against local service instances

  • HTML service - point a web browser to http://localhost:8585

  • Hello service - point a web browser to http://localhost:8585/hello

  • JSON service - point a web browser to http://localhost:8585/json

  • To see the actual JSON for the sample JSON service:

      curl --header "Content-Type:application/json" http://localhost:8585/json
  • Mongo service - point a web browser to http://localhost:8585/mongo

  • To see the actual JSON for the Mongo service:

      curl --header "Content-Type:application/json" http://localhost:8585/mongo

Run on Heroku

  1. Clone git repo.

  2. Have the Heroku client installed and set up (ssh keys).

     heroku login
  3. Create an app on Heroku:

     heroku create --stack cedar --addons mongolab:starter
  4. Push the app to Heroku; it will automatically be (re)built and run:

     git push heroku master

You can also manually run the sbt console on Heroku:

heroku run sbt console