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write a redis compatible server in node
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Redbrick lets you build Redis protocol compatible servers in node.js


Here is a simple server that supports the INFO, SET and no other commands (by default, redbrick makes all other commands errors):

var rb = require('redbrick');
rb.callback("INFO", function(args)
    //make sure you always return a redis_version key. some client libs require it
    return rb.reply.bulk(['redis_version:0.0', 'redbrick_version:0.1']);

rb.callback('SET', function(args)
    //basically a noop
    return rb.reply.statuscode('OK');



  • automatically know (based on cmd) what reply type is expected, and "cast" callback response into that reply
    • need to document what each callback needs to return (ie: array for bulk and multi-bulk, etc...)
  • support for passing an object into the callback function - just try to call the function that matches the cmd name
    • lookup first in callback dictionary, then in objects (in order they were added) - this enables overrides
  • set up jsunit for test suite
  • rewrite parser to use state machine instead of current inefficient way
  • handle special cases like "QUIT", which don't make sense to allow callbacks for
  • create some pre-packaged callback objects
    • trivial redis pass through
    • 100% in memory redis
    • redis proxy w/ zookeeper for key lookups
    • load balancer for resque
  • make sure modules are namespaced correctly
  • implement streaming callbacks
    • look into using generators for implementing
  • get working with JS redis client (DONE)
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