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About Me

Hi there! I'm a Gopher, Kubernaut and functional programming nerd.

I also work at Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate (CDA), where I focus there on Kubernetes / Containers, Go and emerging languages.

What is it You'd Say You Do Here?

Here's what I'm up to these days:

In addition to my blog here, I also write at my medium blog, The Athens Project Blog, the Go in 5 Minutes blog, and the nascent Go Study Groups Blog.

My History

In my 15+ years in software engineering, I've worked in lots of different roles. Here are some of them:

  • I helped build a video aggregation system for capturing and publishing university lectures. We attached Mac Minis with webcams to carts and rolled them in and out of lecture halls.
  • I was a C++ / Cocoa engineer at Microsoft on the Office for Mac team. We figured out how to run (and ship!) lots of the code from Windows Office on a Mac
  • I wrote Newman, which was the first REST client library for Scala. It takes prior art from Scalaz and other "hardcore" functional programming concepts and presents them as a slick API. I wrote about it here
  • I helped build a "third party code execution platform" on top of the JVM. It was essentially containers as a service, but just for JVM languages. We used the JVM to constrain resources and provide jails.

Around the Web

I'm @arschles on Twitter and my username is arschles on GitHub.

I blog at here,, and

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