Open Weather Map tile layers for ember-leaflet
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An ember addon for including OpenWeatherMap's layers and OWM's current city/station data in ember-leaflet based maps without hassle.

OpenWeatherMap is a service for providion weather related data for use on an OpenLayers based map


  • ember install ember-leaflet-openweathermap

Basic Usage

{{#leaflet-map lat=51.512983 lng=-0.138289 zoom=12}}
	{{owm-layer "wind" opacity=0.5}}


Layer type ( positional, must be first )

The OWM layer type to display

  • clouds
  • cloudscls
  • precipitation
  • precipitationcls
  • rain
  • raincls
  • snow
  • pressure
  • pressurecntr
  • temp
  • wind
{{#leaflet-map lat=51.512983 lng=-0.138289 zoom=12}}
	{{owm-layer "pressure"}}

Added Options

  • showLegend: true or false. If true and option 'legendImagePath' is set there will be a legend image on the map.
{{#leaflet-map lat=51.512983 lng=-0.138289 zoom=12}}
	{{owm-layer "pressure" showLegend=true}}
  • legendImagePath: URL (is set to a default image for some layers, null for others, see below). URL or relative path to an image which is a legend to this layer.
{{#leaflet-map lat=51.512983 lng=-0.138289 zoom=12}}
	{{owm-layer "pressure" legendImagePath=true}}
  • legendPosition: 'bottomleft'. Position of the legend images on the map. Available are standard positions for Leaflet controls ('topright', 'topleft', 'bottomright', 'bottomleft').
{{#leaflet-map lat=51.512983 lng=-0.138289 zoom=12}}
	{{owm-layer "pressure" legendPosition=true}}

For more information and usage example see leaflet-openweathermap


Running Tests

  • npm test (Runs ember try:testall to test your addon against multiple Ember versions)
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit