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update version, changelog, readme

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commit bb39742fd777070eae315be71b09ee023e8b9ce3 1 parent 475ec19
@arsduo authored
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  1. +3 −0 
  2. +1 −1  lib/batch_api/version.rb
  3. +9 −5
3 
@@ -1,3 +1,6 @@
+* Default the method to GET if no method is specified
* Refactor app to use internal middlewares for handling operations
* Refactor JSON decoding to a middleware
2  lib/batch_api/version.rb
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
module BatchApi
- VERSION = "0.2.0"
+ VERSION = "0.2.1"
@@ -49,13 +49,17 @@ As you can see from the example above, each request in the batch (an
would include:
* _url_ - the API endpoint to hit, formatted exactly as you would for a regular
-REST API request (e.g. leading /, etc.)
-* _method_ - what type of request to make -- GET, POST, PUT, etc.
+REST API request, leading / and all. (required)
+* _method_ - what type of request to make -- GET, POST, PUT, etc. If no method
+is supplied, GET is assumed. (optional)
* _args_ - a hash of arguments to the API. This can be used for both GET and
-PUT/POST/PATCH requests.
-* _headers_ - a hash of request-specific headers. (The headers sent in the
+PUT/POST/PATCH requests. (optional)
+* _headers_ - a hash of request-specific headers. The headers sent in the
request will be included as well, with operation-specific headers taking
+precendence. (optional)
+* _silent_ - whether to return a response for this request. You can save on
+transfer if, for instance, you're making several PUT/POST requests, then
+executing a GET at the end.
These individual operations are supplied as the "ops" parameter in the
overall request. Other options include:
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