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# useful tools
require 'digest/md5'
require 'multi_json'
# include koala modules
require 'koala/api'
require 'koala/oauth'
require 'koala/realtime_updates'
require 'koala/test_users'
# HTTP module so we can communicate with Facebook
require 'koala/http_service'
# miscellaneous
require 'koala/utils'
require 'koala/version'
module Koala
# A Ruby client library for the Facebook Platform.
# See for a general introduction to Koala
# and the Graph API.
class KoalaError < StandardError; end
# Making HTTP requests
class << self
# Control which HTTP service framework Koala uses.
# Primarily used to switch between the mock-request framework used in testing
# and the live framework used in real life (and live testing).
# In theory, you could write your own HTTPService module if you need different functionality,
# but since the switch to { Faraday} almost all such goals can be accomplished with middleware.
attr_accessor :http_service
# @private
# For current HTTPServices, switch the service as expected.
# For deprecated services (Typhoeus and Net::HTTP), print a warning and set the default Faraday adapter appropriately.
def self.http_service=(service)
if service.respond_to?(:deprecated_interface)
# if this is a deprecated module, support the old interface
# by changing the default adapter so the right library is used
# we continue to use the single HTTPService module for everything
# if it's a real http_service, use it
@http_service = service
# An convenenient alias to Koala.http_service.make_request.
def self.make_request(path, args, verb, options = {})
http_service.make_request(path, args, verb, options)
# we use Faraday as our main service, with mock as the other main one
self.http_service = HTTPService
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