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1 parent fdf536e commit 029096ce9bcc654081ca217a7ef6b9d77b3f2cbb @arsduo committed Apr 28, 2012
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@@ -6,8 +6,12 @@ Updated methods:
-- GraphCollection.parse_page_url now uses the URI library and can parse any address (thanks, bnorton!)
Internal improvements:
-- Update MultiJson dependency to support the Oj library (thanks, zinenko!)
+-- Loosened Faraday dependency (thanks, rewritten and romanbsd!)
-- Fixed typos (thanks, nathanbertram!)
-- Cleaned up gemspec
+-- Added HTTP Services description for Faraday 0.8/persistent connections (thanks, romanbsd!)
+-- Remove documentation of the old pre-1.2 HTTP Service options
-- Update MultiJson to 1.3 and change syntax to silence warnings (thanks, eckz and masterkain!)

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