Passing Arrays to the FB API

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Passing Arrays to FB

Some API endpoints require you to pass an array, for example the campaigns graph endpoint requires an array for the 'effective_status' parameter. See details here:

This means that Facebook is expecting an array literally in the url, not string with comma delimited items.

For raw requests (via Graph Explorer) this works:


This does not work:


^ produces an error: (#100) For field 'campaigns': param effective_status must be an array.

Using Koala

This can be passed to Koala by passing that array as a string literal so that the sanitizer will not change it:

@api.get_object('act_XXX', {fields:[:name, :id], effective_status: "[ACTIVE,PAUSED]"})

Hope this is helpful to someone, took me a bit to get through it. When in double check the raw requests agianst the graph explorer: Graph Explorer

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