Using Koala with mockfacebook

Swapnil Abnave edited this page Nov 20, 2013 · 5 revisions

Ryan Barrett's mockfacebook is a standalone HTTP server that implements Facebook's FQL and Graph API, providing an easy and useful way to run your unit and integration tests against a realistic Facebook interface.

Using Koala with mockfacebook is easy -- just add the following snippet to your spec_helper:

module Koala
  module HTTPService
    def self.server(options = {})

You can wrap that block in appropriate conditionals if you want to be able to toggle between live and mocked responses, like so:

if ENV["MOCK"] # or your preferred trigger
  # module Koala...

Important note: mockfacebook does not yet support the complete Facebook API; check out the documentation for a list of available features.

If there's enough interest, we can build support for mockfacebook directly into Koala.

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