jQuery plugin for a slick and modern portfolio
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This plugin helps you display and organize your portfolio pieces in a slick & responsive fashion. Easy to set up and get going. Check out the demo here


View the full demo here


  • Get both /dist/portfolio.jquery.min.js and /dist/portfolio.jquery.min.css files included in your html file
  • Add $("#MyPortfolio").portfolio({ options }); to your script tags or JS file
  • Append and edit (to your liking) the HTML snippet you find in /demo/index.html
  • That's it! really, you just have to follow what's going on in the /demo folder ;)


    cols: 3 // Number of columns you want your thumbnails to take. Default is 3
    transition: 'slideDown' // What jQuery transition effect you want. Default is slideDown

For more options, just request in the issue tracker.


  • Clone the repo onto your desktop
  • run npm install to install all dependencies
  • run gulp for CSS and JS minification

You really only need to work in the demo folder then run gulp later.