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LiDAR Analysis GUI
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LAG - LiDAR Analysis GUI

This file contains the following sections:



LAG is a software for visualisation, analysis and processing of LiDAR data. It has been initially created at NERC Airborne Reasearch Faciliy Data Analysis Node (NERC-ARF-DAN) in Plymouth Marine Laboratory to help with data processing.

For user's guide see:

If you are a developer see:


Required Dependencies

To be able to build LAG you will need a compiled version of lidarquadtree and you may need to modify to point to its location.

The following libraries are required to make LAG compile.

  • boost

  • GTKmm

  • GTKGLextmm

  • GThread

  • libgeotiff

  • laslib

  • lidarquadtree


LASlib, courtesy of Martin Isenburg, is a component of LAStools used in LAG for handling LAS reading and writing. However, the version provided on the LAStools website ( is not made or intended for use as a standard linux library. This means that every program intending to use it must bundle the entire library with every distribution.

In keeping with a more standard linux/gnu build+release process, a patched version of LAStools, forked from the main version, is available from:

This patch changes only the Makefiles used to build LASlib, to support both static and dynamic linking, and an installation procedure which allows other programs to utilise laslib as though it were a standard linux library.

This also renames "liblas" to "liblaslib" to be more distinct from the (unsupported) libLAS library. This should make it possible to use libLAS and laslib alongside each other on the same system, but as a side effect, also breaks backwards compatibility with any existing laslib programs.


Lidarquadtree is a library originally built and used for LAG. It features disk caching of points to allow it to load potentially very huge datasets and still support spatial indexing, meaning it can be using for LAS processing.

It will need to be built and installed before LAG can be compiled.

Ubuntu Linux Users

Ubuntu linux users will find, and other linux users dependent on distribution, may find that ubuntu fails to compile towards the end of the process, with a lot of messages including "undefined reference to" about halfway through.

This has been seen in Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04.

If this happens, you have two options:

  1. Install the binutils-gold package before compiling
  2. After ./configure and before running make, apply the provided patch: patch Makefile < ubuntu-Makefile.patch

Compiling on GNU/Linux x86

This codebase uses the GNU packaging tools. To get things to a sane state after checkout, do:

libtoolize && autoheader && aclocal && automake --add-missing && autoconf

Depending on where you've installed laslib, you may need to do the following to allow configure to find it:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib64/pkgconfig/

Then you can do the normal:

./configure make make install

Compiling on win32

Hopefully in the future. :-)


LAG is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2. Read the file COPYING in the source distribution for details.

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