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:octocat: Flip git remote config from https to ssh and reverse flip it
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flip-remote :octocat:

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This cli tool switches the http or https remote url to ssh url and vice versa inside git config.

It loads the git config from .git/config and checks what type of remote url its using (http, https or ssh).

If its using, http or https it will switch it to ssh and if its using ssh it will change it to https.

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$ npm i -g flip-remote

This should be installed globally


  • Navigate to a root directory of any github repository in you local machine and run the below command
$ flipremote

// Output
// ✔ Github Remote Flipped


We are constantly working on improving this library and we need all the help we can get.

You can contribute to this project by giving suggestions, fixing open issues or by implementing a new feature.

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Thank you to all the contributors who help in making this project better 🙌

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