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Included native support of every option update. See issue 293. #25

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An unelegant but working way to resolve "setters for all options" issue.
Some additionnal work could be done to upgrade performance, but in my case it is not an issue: I don't even see the latency. Maybe a note about the potential performance downgrade should be made in option() documentation.


I woud rather come up with a solution that doesn't destroy/rebuild the calendar every time. I wish there was some internal architecture where fullcalendar knew what to selectively re-render for any given option change. Hopefully we will get to this at some point. I'm still aware of the issue (it is immortalized in the Google Code issue tracker still), but I'll close this pull request, as it doesn't implement the solution optimally. In the meantime, users can call destroy/rerender themselves. thanks

@arshaw arshaw closed this
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  1. +5 −2 src/Calendar.js
7 src/Calendar.js
@@ -1,4 +1,3 @@
function Calendar(element, options, eventSources) {
var t = this;
@@ -451,10 +450,14 @@ function Calendar(element, options, eventSources) {
if (value === undefined) {
return options[name];
+ options[name] = value;
if (name == 'height' || name == 'contentHeight' || name == 'aspectRatio') {
- options[name] = value;
+ else {
+ $(element).fullCalendar('destroy');
+ $(element).fullCalendar(options);
+ }
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