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Meme Creator is a simple web application to create meme from any image. :smiley:

Meme Creator: http://arsho.github.io/Meme_Creator.html


  1. Ability to add two comments on the meme. One on top and another on bottom.
  2. Can add special effect on the photo. Currently four effects are supported. Effects are: Black and white, Bright, Sepia and invert
  3. Can use various fonts (Need online support for font loading)
  4. The text colors can be changed as two parts.
  5. This application can be used offline without any support of external library or files.
  6. Capable of saving the edited meme instantly.
  7. Automatic resizing of large size images to reduce image size.

How to use:

  1. Upload an image.
  2. Add the top line and bottom line as needed.
  3. Change the text color if it is necessary.
  4. Give any effect as required.
  5. Click and save the meme!