Drumpad is a fun application to play drums using browser.
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Drumpad is a fun application to play drums. Drumpad has both web application and android application. :smiley: The sounds of Drumpad are originally generated by Yamaha RX15.

alt Drumpad Demo

Drumpad Web Application: http://arsho.github.io/drumpad/

How to use:

  1. To play online just click on the link and start playing.
  2. To play offline download the project zip file. Unzip it and open the index.html using any latest browser.
  3. Play the drum using keyboard button: `A`, `S`, `D`, `F`, `J`, `K`, `L` and `;`
  4. You can also learn four basic moves:
    • TWO AND FOUR (press 1 in keyboard)
    • FOUR ON THE FLOOR (press 2 in keyboard)
    • ONE DROP (press 3 in keyboard)
    • BOOM BOOM CLAP (press 4 in keyboard)


  1. Web Application: https://github.com/arsho/drumpad
  2. Android Mobile Application: https://github.com/arsho/drumpad_android_application


If you have any suggestion, please send a message to https://www.facebook.com/ars.shovon