Some of my machine learning projects!~
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Convolutional Neural Network
Linear Models
Recurrent Neural Networks


Some of my machine learning projects!~

These are some of the machine learning projects that I did for a machine learning module in my university. The project started of easily by classifying images which contains a person making an Italian hand sign to gradually predicting the hand signs in a video.

The datasets could be found in Chalearn:

The assignments were submitted in Kaggle competing with my fellow classmates.

The first assignment restricted us to use only Linear models. Thus, I played around with logistic regression, SVM and random forests and feature extracting techniques for images like HOG and SIFT. The one that yielded me the best accuracy results were a combination of random forests and dense SIFT techniques.

The second assignments requiured us to use neural networks specifically CNN since we are talking about images here. I used tensorflow here where as in my first assignment I used sci-kit environment.

In the third and final assignment, we were given a video as a dataset instead of image and we were tasked to use RNN for classification. I used a two layer LSTM stacked upon CNN together with data normalization and augmentation to perfom the classification.

Overall, this is a very interesting project and I learned a lot and hope to explore more new algorithms and techniques in the field of machine learning!~