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Change Log
* This release transformed soaplib from a soap server that exclusively supported
http to a soap serialization/deserialization library that is architecture and
transport agnostic.
* Sphinx docs with working examples:
* Serializers renamed to Models
* Standalone xsd generation for ClassSerializer objects has been added. This allows soaplib to be used to define generic XML schemas, without SOAP artifacts.
* Annotation Tags for primitive Models has been added.
* The soaplib client has been re-written after having been dropped from recent releases. It follows the suds API but is based on lxml for better performance. WARNING: the soaplib client is not well-tested and future support is tentative dependent on community response.
* 0mq support added.
* Twisted supported via WSGI wrappers.
* Hard dependency on WSGI removed.
* Increased test coverage for soaplib and supported servers
* Standards-compliant Soap Faults
* Allow multiple return values and return types
* pritimitive.Array -> clazz.Array
* Support for SimpleType restrictions (pattern, length, etc.)
* Soap header support
* Tried the WS-I Test first time. Many bug fixes.
* Support for inheritance.
* Support for publishing multiple service classes.
* Soap server logic almost completely rewritten.
* Soap client removed in favor of suds.
* Object definition api no longer needs a class types: under class definition.
* XML Schema validation is supported.
* Support for publishing multiple namespaces. (multiple <schema> tags in the wsdl)
* Support for enumerations.
* Application and Service Definition are separated. Application is instantiated
on server start, and Service Definition is instantiated for each new request.
* @soapmethod -> @rpc
* Switched to lxml for proper xml namespace support.
* In this version, soaplib is a stable soap server not without its glitches
and quirks
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