spyne.model.fault.Fault cannot be Json-serailized #158

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In spyne.protocol.json.JsonObject it is tried to call _to_dict on a Fault object, which it does not have. I'm not sure if it is the right fix, but adding a _to_dict method to Fault fixes it.


plq commented Jul 17, 2012

Hi Martijn,

Thanks for the bug reports, but I have kind of a full plate nowadays, so if you could help with at least pull requests for test cases that cover this one and issue #159, it'd be great.


ugurcan377 was assigned Jul 23, 2012

@ugurcan377 ugurcan377 added a commit to ugurcan377/spyne that referenced this issue Jul 24, 2012

@ugurcan377 ugurcan377 written a test for issue #158 2e26ffc

ugurcan377 referenced this issue Aug 6, 2012


Json test #170

@plq plq added a commit to plq/spyne that referenced this issue Aug 6, 2012

@plq plq Make Fault serializable as dict. #158 849daa7

plq commented Aug 6, 2012

fixed in trunk. the fix will be in 2.8.0

plq closed this Aug 6, 2012

@martijnvermaat martijnvermaat added a commit to mutalyzer/mutalyzer that referenced this issue Dec 8, 2014

@martijnvermaat martijnvermaat Remove Spyne monkey patch, implemented upstream
See arskom/spyne#158

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