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Filled SOAPy and ZSI details in comparison #116

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i would add: not able to auto-generate WSDL


I agree with @azurit and added a commit with the lack WSDL generation in ZSI


Hey andras, thanks!

@plq plq merged commit f8a08cc into arskom:master
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  1. +11 −4 doc/source/comparison.rst
15 doc/source/comparison.rst
@@ -97,12 +97,19 @@ Suds
-* Unmaintained
+* Unmaintained, although still works with recent Python versions
+* Contains SOAPpy, which is not the same as SOAPy (notice the extra P)
+* Supports attachments
+* Requires code generation (wsdl2py) for complex data structures
+* Almost complete lack of user-friendliness
+* Lack of WSDL generator
-* ???
+* Really simple (only two files, both less than 500 lines of code)
+* Client only
+* Requires PyXML, thus unusable with recent Python versions
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