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rpclib-2.6.0 commits #122

merged 30 commits into from Feb 12, 2012

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arskom member
plq commented Feb 12, 2012

HttpRpc now supports parsing POST Requests, thanks to werkzeug, among many other fixes and small improvements.

plq and others added some commits Jan 16, 2012
@plq plq latest WS-I test results aa3365c
@plq plq add mandatory unsignedinteger type 2e61fb8
@plq plq fix backwards-incompatible validator argument in XmlObject c73e047
@plq plq utf8 -> UTF-8 8a07943
@plq plq not-so-important refactoring 58a282a
@plq plq avoid inheritance hierarchies for simpleTypes. 50faf38
@plq plq make static files directory that the twisted wrapper publishes dynamic 1ec6af5
@plq plq use werkzeug to parse HTTP POST data. 41c7e72
@plq plq remove now needless empty input check. 882f358
@plq plq ByteArray is now effectively a primitive. e119d7d
@plq plq version and changelog update. 34f45ba
@plq plq separated call handle and method context generation. 8daa470
@plq plq Merge branch 'http-post' d27779f
@plq plq changelog update 194b927
@plq plq pep8 tweaks 6e7c9d4
@plq plq instead of initializing every known instance property as None, Comple…
…xModel default ctor now deletes data from class properties and sets only what it's passed to as **kwargs.
@plq plq fix old class definition in sqlalchemy example. 5300b81
@plq plq move logic in context dtor to event handler. 875baab
@plq plq add method_request_string to XmlObject logger.debug line. 84aab05
Burak Arslan Add werkzeug to requirements in README.rst 5c5bceb
@plq plq handle missing Content-Type header #119 c013c34
@plq plq lowercase encoding name. #119 9371104
@plq plq readme update, fix funny typo :) 17a323f
@plq plq add RequestNotAllowed error. #119 7b85907
@plq plq have rpclib return the relevant HTTP error on RequestNotAllowed excep…
…tion. #119
@plq plq handle incorrect soap request for http transport. #119 990f74a
@plq plq implement _force_own_namespace 11ce8de
@plq plq fix race condition in wsgi server wsdl request. bc983b4
@plq plq changelog update. e86ed0c
@plq plq readme update 9a0e28e
@plq plq merged commit 72ebdd9 into arskom:master Feb 12, 2012
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