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rpclib-2.7.0-beta commits #125

merged 57 commits into from Mar 7, 2012

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arskom member
plq commented Mar 7, 2012

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plq added some commits Feb 13, 2012
@plq plq improve comments d313f3f
@plq plq fix most of httprpc tests. efd717d
@plq plq no need for namespaces in dummy root node in XmlObject. f1fcc73
@plq plq nobody cared about porting SimpleContent. there it goes. 19224d9
@plq plq initial revision for HtmlMicroFormat serializer. 2ea01e7
@plq plq version bump 3d528b2
@plq plq changelog update. 1a40631
@plq plq prudent mini-fix to the HtmlMicroFormat test f781d5f
@plq plq remove a needless test from HtmlMicroFormat, add missing assert d16ab6b
@plq plq make the default "Response", "Result" and "Type" suffixes parameteriz…
@plq plq Add ctx.function property to MethodContext that is re-initialized fro…
…m ctx.descriptor.function for each new request.
@plq plq changelog update 0a4ceac
@plq plq clean the HtmlMicroFormat protocol 573360d
@plq plq implement the File primitive. bdf728f
@plq plq have more resilient ComplexModel instance initialization. 1bd9596
@plq plq defer interface document generation until all classes are processed. 49145ff
@plq plq ignore annotation tags for dependency (import) management. 2595133
@plq plq fix annotation support. 65ceab0
@plq plq add appinfo support. 2ca823b
@plq plq re-implement _force_own_namespace. 7da6e6a
@plq plq implement Integer limits. 62d9fa9
@plq plq test type names 88119b5
@plq plq arrange imports 9b0abb7
@plq plq move suffixes to own module. 2d7ee93
@plq plq test for suffixes in user-defined type & method names bb7d93a
@plq plq separate unicode and string objects, with well-defined (de)serializat…
…ion behaviour
@plq plq improve wording for unicode error in mode.primitive.String. ca36b9c
@plq plq have String = Unicode for Python 3 6aabd3c
@plq plq fix failing test_simple_type_info test 8ebfbfc
@plq plq add a criticism about models to the roadmap. 2ac8058
@plq plq add get_xml_as_object to xml_utils module, the inverse of get_object_…
@plq plq add get_xml_as_object usage to the xml_utils example. a8cfa58
@plq plq initial reimplementation of XmlAttribute. 657ea2d
@plq plq Merge remote branch 'origin/master' 1576c9a
@plq plq add deprecation warning for wsgi_soap_application utility function. daf5f4c
@plq plq probably fix the relative/absolute import within the django server mo…
@plq plq cosmetic changes 9fa00c8
@plq plq have __test_type_name_validity calls accomodate multiple headers case. d3d300f
@plq plq documentation improvements 4cd4d3f
@plq plq add missing mime types. ce0618c
@plq plq add new WsgiMounter util. ed21262
@plq plq remove useless imports from protocol.html 356418f
@plq plq add a multiple protocol example showing current utc time. cf09660
@plq plq implement PngClock protocol. a7a9c3e
@plq plq fix namespaces / mount PngClock protocol to the Wsgi application. 0c9c52c
@plq plq small change in Application instantiation 45f5af7
@plq plq tidying of the examples.multiple_protocol.server module. aeadf5c
@plq plq remove the redundant interface argument to the Application ctor. 2602638
@plq plq re-license the protocols implemented for multiple_protocols example u…
…nder the three-clause BSD license.
@plq plq small doc improvement. 010f1b7
@plq plq fix the issue with date text not displaying c880772
@plq plq presentation for multiple_protocols example added. 19c96f8
@plq plq fix infinite recursion on Integer validation 7257d7a
@plq plq small rewordings here and there 34a3a3b
@plq plq hide pycon stuff 057228d
@plq plq presentation v1.5 d1182cb
@plq plq small tweaks e5d020d
@plq plq merged commit aff8c10 into arskom:master Mar 7, 2012
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