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rpclib-2.8.0 commits #129

merged 30 commits into from May 21, 2012

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arskom member
plq commented Mar 20, 2012

No description provided.

@plq plq was assigned Mar 21, 2012
plq added some commits May 8, 2012
@plq plq clarify license in pypi d92fc47
@plq plq Merge branch 'master' of ef1ae10
@plq plq fix service tests that were failing due to null transport in Application d441600
@plq plq now using the new AuxMethodContext class to pass various to the aux m…
@plq plq fix json protocol deserialization 21101a2
@plq plq rpclib.protocol.json: log the error on getattr if there's any a46b202
@plq plq add docstring to wsgimounter 679a178
@plq plq rpclib.aux: initialize_context function initializes ctx.aux. 610e329
@plq plq negligible 77c4328
@plq plq nullserver got prettier. a17d807
@plq plq rpclib.util.xml.get_object_as_xml: pass no_namespace=True to strip na…
…mespaces out of the xml output.
@plq plq rpclib.aux: remove debug statements 3983a10
@plq plq changelog update 58fe120
@plq plq rpclib.aux.thread: Initialize threadpool as late as possible to let t…
…he process fork before spawning threads.
@plq plq replace tabs with 4 spaces / remove trailing space aaa8c06
@plq plq make httprpc test standalone. 1e88498
@plq plq reorganize and fix tests, make interop tests mostly standalone.
still issues with running them with a single py.test command though.
@plq plq remove dead code. 1a90a9a
@plq plq fix zeromq server caccff1
@plq plq make optional dependencies really optional 9e155e4
@plq plq negligible 6e584e4
@plq plq fix typo. whoops. d771dff
@plq plq make SelfReference work again. c47195a
@plq plq ignore packages whose names start with _ in automatic namespace assig…
@plq plq get_object_as_xml and get_xml_as_object argument change.
now get_object_as_xml can also get class suggestion.
@plq plq examples/helloworld_soap_twisted: fiddled with default namespace pref…
…ix. xmlns:tns="..." is now xmlns="..."
@plq plq add docstring to InterfaceDocumentBase 5e31435
@plq plq make _body_style='bare' work. At least in Soap11 05c9dee
@plq plq pep8 tweak 1d4795c
@plq plq don't put alias in interface.classes set a08a3de
arskom member
plq commented May 21, 2012

okay, this goes in. further fixes will be made in following pull requests.

@plq plq merged commit a08a3de into arskom:master May 21, 2012
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