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add rate limiting, ByteArray and more documentation. #88

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plq and others added some commits
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Commits on Sep 13, 2011
  1. @plq

    fix binary support and examples.

    plq authored
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
  1. @plq
  2. @plq

    the cases where ctx.in_string and ctx.out_string were not treated as …

    plq authored
    …iterables were causing problems. this was fixed.
  3. @plq
  4. @plq
  5. @plq
  6. @plq
  7. @plq

    rpclib.model.String's native format is unicode. You should use ByteAr…

    plq authored
    …ray for non-text data.
  8. @plq

    docstring tweak

    plq authored
  9. @plq

    rpclib.protocol.xml.XmlObject: unglobalize dispatch map so that it's …

    plq authored
    …possible to customize handlers for child classes.
  10. tutorial -> manual

    U-iskembe\plq authored
  11. doc tweaks.

    U-iskembe\plq authored
  12. formalize exception handling around rpclib.model.Fault being the base…

    U-iskembe\plq authored
    … class for all client-visible exceptions.
  13. @plq
  14. @plq

    highlevel concepts document.

    plq authored
  15. @plq

    highlevel concepts document.

    plq authored
  16. @plq

    Merge branch 'master' of

    plq authored
  17. @plq

    fix some warnings

    plq authored
  18. @plq

    re-read high-level introduction.

    plq authored
  19. @plq

    fix rest errors

    plq authored
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