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2.4.0 commits. see changelog. #90

merged 37 commits into from Sep 26, 2011

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arskom member
plq commented Sep 26, 2011

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plq added some commits Sep 15, 2011
@plq plq doc update 478ec85
@plq plq doc update 0c67d8c
@plq plq remove needless mandatory arguments from XmlSchema interface 475207b
@plq plq rename example hellotwisted -> helloworld_soap_twisted 124c95b
@plq plq raise client error for invalid date format. 8e8e2b8
@plq plq remove stray print d9be086
@plq plq prevent some excessive debug logging a5f0166
@plq plq iron out inconsistencies between MethodContext.in_object and out_object.
this patch;
1) introduces a 'message' argument to ProtocolBase.derialize and ProtocolBase.deserialize.
2) thus removes sphagetti code in client._base
3) removes half-baked wrapped/unwrapped message generation functionality. this may be added later.

also improve documentation on the subject.
@plq plq Merge remote branch 'arskom/master' 774297c
@plq plq fix typo 429d1f2
@plq plq TableSerializerMeta -> TableModelMeta 2a88005
@plq plq add stubs for missing docs. 51b1a2b
@plq plq kill \t creep 32af0ba
@plq plq rename c7dc9f2
@plq plq fix contributors link a281650
@plq plq doc tweaks 69d60d1
@plq plq fix fault publishing in wsdl and add a relevant interop test. 69aee68
@plq plq examples switched to BSD license. 68d2fe7
@plq plq remove stray print statement. 32e5bfc
@plq plq add the authenticate example. f7fb0ec
@plq plq introducing metadata document. 0a2e897
@plq plq bcrypt comment 713aaff
@plq plq fix typo 3d6d7da
@plq plq add custom transport example by implementing a persistent db-backed q…
@plq plq generally revise the manual, add a section about exceptions d6b998c
@plq plq add comparison document. start with ladon. 33f3cb2
@plq plq Explained the queue example. 37ef438
@plq plq re-read the queue tutorial 743895c
@plq plq deprecate old xml utils and unify them under rpclib.util.xml eaef193
@plq plq misc improvements and code cleanups here and there. 16a9c26
@plq plq rename xsd_export example to xml_utils. 214375f
@plq plq documentation was revised and reorganized. it's ready :) b0ff121
@plq plq implemented soft validation. 8caf3d1
@plq plq docstring updates to XmlObject afea829
@plq plq fix TestProtocolSoftValidation.test_soap c42f9a2
@plq plq update client.zeromq module docstring 9c14f8a
@plq plq add check_validator stub to ProtocolBase 8c4280b
@plq plq merged commit f125125 into arskom:master Sep 26, 2011
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