MenuDroid - Android Restaurant Managment Project
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MenuDroid - Android Restaurant Managment Project

This project purpose to develop a open source restaurant management application


  • register table with qrcode reader +
  • Tcp-Ip communication with server side +
  • Basic detais, add some detail about company +
  • Create a server application for this prohect +
  • Create the ordered
  • fixed design problems
  • Create under test activty
  • Its our main screen

Main Image MenuDroid

  • Its menu screen

Menu Image MenuDroid

Our first 3 button(order, bill, waiter) working with qrcode, the devices have to read the qrcode from table( Some codes ) for register the system. we need a protocal for data communication we will use TCP/IP and after we have get data transfer from MenuDroid Server application to MenuDroid application

-Used Libraries

i need help If you want to join developing time contact with me :

Developer Team