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A p2p database and search engine running on top of the dat stack.

This is the main repository of Sonar. The usual setup is that you run sonar-server on localhost and then interact with Sonar through the client, the UI running on http://localhost:9191 or the CLI. The CLI can be invoked with ./sonar from the root of this repository, and is also used to start the server.

The Docs website has more documentation (WIP).


npm install -g @arsonar/server
sonar help
sonar start


Note: At the moment yarn 1 is recommended, please install it according to the instructions.

# clone the sonar repository
git clone
cd sonar
# install dependencies of all workspaces
# (re)build the user interface and docs
yarn run rebuild

Instead of yarn, lerna works too:

npm install -g lerna
lerna bootstrap

Yarn is recommended because it's much faster.

You can start sonar with ./sonar from the repository root.

If the start fails with errors related to sonar-tantivy, try to redownload or rebuild sonar-tantivy (the search engine included in sonar):

yarn run build:sonar-tantivy
# start the sonar server
./sonar start

# start the sonar server in dev mode
./sonar start --dev

Then, you can:

  • open the web UI on http://localhost:9191.
  • use the CLI:
    ./sonar collection create default
    ./sonar db get
    # etc.
    # the cli has a built-in help that should list the available commands


Sonar is a young open source project and all kinds of contributions are welcome. We're in the process of writing up more documentation and overviews of how things work and come together (in a book).

If in doubt, talk to us! For example on IRC in #dat on freenode (or in the browser through gitter.

More on this project on

Repo layout

The repo is structured as a monorepo of different packages (that are interdependent at several points).

  • core it the core module. It manages collections, which are our notion of "a group of feeds*. Each collection has a kappa-record-db that's plugged into a search index through tantivy. Each collection has also a list of associated hyperdrives.

  • server provides a REST style HTTP api that's used both by the CLI and the UI to access and manage the data in packages/core.

  • client is a Javascript client library. It's used by both the CLI and the UI. It speaks to packages/server over HTTP.

  • ui is a single-page application to browse data in Sonar.

  • cli is a command-line application. It can manage collections, put and get into the database, upload and download files, and make search queries.


A p2p content database and search engine







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