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A p2p database and search engine running on top of the dat stack.

This is the main repository of Sonar. The usual setup is that you run sonar-server on localhost and then interact with Sonar through the client, the UI running on http://localhost:9191 or the CLI. The CLI can be invoked with ./sonar from the root of this repository, and is also used to start the server.

The Docs website has more documentation (WIP).


Sonar requires Node.js version 16 or higher. If your system ships an older version, you can use a tool like NVM to install an up-to-date version. On Debian-based system, you can also try the Node.js distributions from Nodesource.

You can check your Node.js version by running node --version on a command-line.

Afterwards, install Sonar with the following command:

npm install -g @arsonar/server

You can then run the sonar command-line interface. With this, you can both start the server and interact with it from the command-line.

# show help
sonar help
# show help for specific commands
sonar help collection
# start a server
sonar start


Note: At the moment yarn 1 is recommended, please install it according to the instructions.

# clone the sonar repository
git clone
cd sonar
# install dependencies of all workspaces
# build the typescript modules and bundle the UI
yarn run build

You can start sonar with ./sonar from the repository root.

If the start fails with errors related to sonar-tantivy, try to redownload or rebuild sonar-tantivy (the search engine included in sonar):

yarn run rebuild:tantivy

If the start fails with errors related to client, try to rebuild client :

yarn run build:client
# start the sonar server
./sonar start

# start the sonar server in dev mode
./sonar start --dev

Running the examples

This repo includes a few examples. To run them locally, do the following:

# build the typecript modules
yarn build
# start sonar
./sonar start --disable-authentication --dev
# run the example from the examples/ folder
yarn example react

Using the CLI

Run ./sonar help for a list of supported commands.


Sonar is a young open source project and all kinds of contributions are welcome. We're in the process of writing up more documentation and overviews of how things work and come together (in a book).

If in doubt, talk to us! For example on IRC in #dat on freenode (or in the browser through gitter. More on this project on

Repo layout

The repo is structured as a monorepo of different packages (that are interdependent at several points).

  • core it the core module. It manages collections, which are our notion of "a group of feeds*. Each collection has a kappa-record-db that's plugged into a search index through tantivy. Each collection has also a list of associated Hyperblobs to store raw file contents.

  • server provides a REST style HTTP api that's used both by the CLI and the UI to access and manage the data in packages/core.

  • client is a Javascript client library. It's used by both the CLI and the UI. It speaks to packages/server over HTTP.

  • ui is a single-page application to browse data in Sonar.

  • cli is a command-line application. It can manage collections, put and get into the database, upload and download files, and make search queries.


This project was kindly supported by NLNet in the Next Generation Search & Discovery program.