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A lightweight completion plugin for jQuery
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A lightweight completion suggester plugin for jQuery.

Compatible with jQuery 1.8.0+. No dependencies except the jQuery library. Released under the MIT License:



var data = [
  { id: "1", name: "ActionScript" },
  { id: "2", name: "AppleScript" },
  { id: "3", name: "Asp" }

  data: data
<input id="autocomplete" type="text" name="search" />


Key Default Type
cancelButtonText "Remove" String
data [ ] Array
dropdownAttrs { class: "dropdown" } Object
minLength 3 Integer
onSelect function { } Function
onCancel function { } Function
showCancelButton true Boolean
wrapperAttrs { class: "select-autocomplete" } Object

To specify settings after the init, use this syntax:

  cancelButtonText: "Remove",
  data: [],
  dropdownAttrs: {
    class: "dropdown"
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