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MASC: Multi-scale Affinity with Sparse Convolution for 3D Instance Segmentation (Technical Report)


This is the PyTorch implementation for our technical report which achieves the state-of-the-art performance on the 3D instance segmentation task of the ScanNet benchmark.


pip install -r requirements.txt

We are using Python 3.5.2. And as pointed out by Issue #3, please consider using Python 3.6 and refer to SparseConvNet for related issues.

Data preparation

To prepare training data from ScanNet mesh models, please run:

python --task=prepare --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH] --labelFile=[SCANNET_LABEL_FILE_PATH (i.e., scannetv2-labels.combined.tsv)]


To train the main model which predict semantics and affinities, please run:

python --restore=0 --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH]


To validate the trained model, please run:

python --restore=1 --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH] --task=test


To run the inference using the trained model, please run:

python --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH] --task=predict_cluster split=val

The task option indicates:

  • "predict": predict semantics and affinities
  • "cluster": run the clustering algorithm based on the predicted affinities
  • "write": write instance segmentation results

The "task" option can contain any combinations of these three tasks, but the earlier task must be run before later tasks. And a task only needs to be run once. The "split" option specifies the data split to run the inference.

Write results for the final evaluation

To train the instance confidence model, please first generate the instance segmentation results:

python --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH] --task=predict_cluster --split=val
python --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH] --task=predict_cluster --split=train

Then train the confidence model:

python --restore=0 --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH]

Predict instance confidence, add additional instances for certain semantic labels, and write instance segmentation results:

python --dataFolder=[SCANNET_PATH] --task=predict_cluster_write split=test