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LasaurApp is the official Lasersaur app. It has all the functionality to operate this kind of laser cutter:

  • load vector files and send them to the Lasersaur
  • file support for SVG, G-code (subset), DXF (subset)
  • GUI widget to move the laser head
  • pausing/continuing a job
  • firmware flashing
  • handy G-code programs for the optics calibration process

This app is written mostly in cross-platform, cross-browser Javascript and Python. This allows for very flexible setup. The backend can either run directly on the Lasersaur (Driveboard) or on the client computer. The frontend runs in a web browser either on the same client computer or on a tablet computer.

When running on the Driveboard people can start using the 'saur' directly from their laptop without having to setup any software or drivers. This is done this way because we imagine laser cutters being shared in shops. We see people controlling laser cutters from their laptops and not wanting to go through annoying setup processes. Besides this, html-based GUIs are just awesome :)

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that operating a self-built laser cutter can be dangerous and requires full awareness of the risks involved. NORTD Labs does not warrant for any contents of the manual and does not assume any risks whatsoever with regard to the contents of this manual or the machine assembled by you. NORTD Labs further does not warrant for and does not assume any risks whatsoever with regard to any parts of the machine contained in this manual which are provided by third parties. You need to have the necessary experience in handling high-voltage electrical devices and class 4 laser beams to build the machine described in this manual. Otherwise you should seek professional advice for building the machine.

How to Use this App

  • make sure you have Python 2.7
  • run python backend/
  • The GUI will open in a browser at http://localhost:4444 (supported are Firefox, Chrome, and likely future Safari 6+ or IE 10+)

For more information see the Lasersaur Software Setup Guide.

Notes on Creating Standalone Apps

With PyInstaller it's possible to convert a python app to a standalone, single file executable. This allows us to make the setup process much easier and remove all the the prerequisites on the target machine (including python).

From a shell/Terminal do the following:

  • go to LasaurApp/other directory
  • run 'python pyinstaller/ --onefile app.spec'
  • the executable will be other/dist/lasaurapp (or dist/lasaurapp.exe on Windows)

Most of the setup for making this happen is in the app.spec file. Here all the accessory data and frontend files are listed for inclusion in the executable. In the actual code the data root directory can be found in 'sys._MEIPASS'.

Notes on Testing on a Virtual Windows System

When running VirtualBox on OSX it has troubles accessing the USB port even when all the VirtualBox settings are correct. This is because OSX captures the device. To make it available in VirtualBox one has to unload it in OSX first. The following works for Arduino Unos:

  • sudo kextunload -b

After the VirtualBox session this can be undone with:

  • sudo kextload -b

For other USB devices thee following may be useful too:

  • sudo kextunload -b
  • sudo kextunload -b
  • sudo kextunload -b


App for operating a Lasersaur.






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  • JavaScript 16.4%
  • HTML 3.6%
  • CSS 1.2%