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Atomic rtags

A package for the atom editor that provides excellent C++ code navigation functionality using rtags.

rtags in action

(Click through for full YouTube video)


First, download and install rtags. This unfortunately takes a really long time:

$ brew install rtags

Then, use it to index your project: for CMake-based projects,

$ git clone https://github.com/taglib/taglib # replace with your project
$ mkdir taglib-build
$ cd taglib-build
$ cmake -GNinja ../taglib
$ rdm # in another terminal
$ ninja -t commands | rc -c -

Next, install atomic-rtags through Atom, and check the configuration options. Open your .cpp file, and hit alt+, with the cursor positioned at the symbol you want to look up.


Not indexed: Index your project by piping the build commands to rc -c -.

(Jumps to incorrect location): Open an issue.

Not found or Indexing in progress: Inspect the output of rc -f <filename>:<line>:<column> (after starting rdm). Some symbols are genuinely not indexed by rtags though.

Can't seem to connect to server: Start rdm, or enable rdmAutoSpawn, under configuration options.

Other error: Open an issue.

Why not YCM?

YouCompleteMe is a popular choice for the task; however, rtags beats ycm in practice: ycm is slow, confusing, hard to configure, and complains about not being able to look up definitions often.