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modern website generator with a traditional design
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Modern website generator with a traditional design. Generates html that faithfully represents the textual input, provided the input is like an email I write to the git list. This input produces this output.


The whole point of using clayoven is so you can hack on it: don't use gems. Just clone, and put bin/clayoven in $PATH.

Depends on ruby 2.0+, git, and slim.


  • Run clayoven on your website's repository to generate HTML files.
  • Run clayoven httpd to preview your website locally.


Every site needs a sidebar that allows the user to navigate through various sections: these are called Topics. Each topic has one Index Page (named <topic>.index; <topic> is the permalink), and several Content Pages (named <topic>:<permalink>) corresponding to it. index is a special index page corresponding to the permalink /. Additionally, every repository should contain a design/template.slim to specify how to render content.

So, if you have these files:


clayoven automatically builds a sidebar with index, blog and colophon. In the page /blog, there will be links to the posts /first and /second.

The special "hidden" topic can be used to create content pages with no corresponding index or sidebar entry. This is useful for 404 pages, for example.

Content pages are sorted based on the committer-timestamp of the commit that first introduced the file, reverse-chronologically. Index pages are sorted chronologically. Just don't check in multiple files simultaneously.


On the first run, clayoven will create a .clayoven/ignore file in your repository. This is a gitignore-like file (but uses full regular expressions) specifying which files clayoven should ignore. Useful for your site's and drafts.

Slim template

Look at the template that uses.


Fork and customize as you please. To avoid regressions, just check this file into your website repository (and update it as you add new features): your testsuite is a clean git diff.

You may optionally contribute back changes if you think I will find it useful. Either use pull requests, or email me your patches.

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