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elisp artifact – worked as a twitter client for a brief period
Emacs Lisp
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logs Add JSON dump of timeline information README: markup a couple of snippets
api-laconica.el Plan to support laconica
api-twitter.el Plan to support laconica
hmac-sha1.el hmac-sha1.el: load the hex-util library
oauth.el Rename project µblog.el
round_mask_48.png DP rounding corners
test.el Remove redundant tests
twhelper.el Handle errors properly
twsuperapi.el Split up Twitter API into two different files
ublog.el ublog.el: don't hardcode /home/artagnon in *dp-cache-dir*


Ultimately extensible microblogging client written in Emacs Lisp. Twitter implemented. Laconica support expected in future.


  • OAuth authentication
  • DP fetch + render (with rounded corners)
  • Modular architecture: 3 stages- fetching, parsing, and rending
  • Configurable keybindings in a dedicated major mode
  • Gravity-like interface
  • Dedicated zbuffer-mode for editing 140-character status updates


  • git clone git://
  • Put the ublog.el directory in your Emacs loadpath
  • Put (require 'ublog) in your Emacs config file
  • M-x twitter-init and switch to the *timeline* buffer to see the updates
  • Read the list of keybindings in the ublog.el file

For developers

  • Go through TRAC and TODO to pick up bugfixes and enhancements you can help with
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