This repository contains translation resources for Battery Mode program
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Battery Mode localization repository

This repository contains translation resources for Battery Mode program.

You can help us with translating the program to your native language by contributing your translation.

How to contribute

To begin translation fork this repository.

You can begin your translation by copying the folder with existing localization.

Then you should carefully translate every string of all files in that folder to your language.

You should save resulting *.rc files in UTF-8 encoding without BOM.

Resulting *.iss files should be saved in UTF-8 encoding with BOM.

When your are done with localization, commit your new folder to your repository and make a pull-request.

After the pull-request has been made, we will provide you a beta build of a program, so you can test the result of your work.

Congratulations! Your translation will be available with next update of Battery Mode.