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V1.1.0 - Artax PoS Chain [NO ICO] No Pre Sale. The only way you could take part in this utility chain originally was by mining. As the committee changed hands over the time, so did the vision and roadmap.

Artax is a Powerful Node-Based PoS-based cryptocurrency. Artax is run by a volunteer, non-profit committee. A community coin by the community, for the community.

Artax Specifications

Specification Value
Block Spacing 125 seconds
Stake Minimum Balance 180 XAX
Coin Stake Minimum Age 500 confirmations
Port 21527
RPC Port 21528

Social Channels

Site link

Premine held here: AWRAPxkSZGBwdWsdwgNa7PhBoaUbHqPUq6 (@osfera69 - lead)

Contributing to Artax (XAX)

The Artax project was born from a collective development community all wanting the same thing: The community believe cache persistence in the blockchain is a vital milestone to truly write a ledger in the clouds.

Artax is a decentralized blockchain project built on Bitcoin's UTXO model, with support for Ethereum Virtual Machine based smart contracts, and secured by a proof of stake consensus model.

Artax is not structured like conventional crypto-coins. Artax is governed and led soley by a
Development Committee. Artax is a community coin (not-for-profit) available to everyone and one of the first successful crypto-coins to be absolutely community managed (self-managed by the people). Artax is driven by a dedicated community of contributers yet controlled by not one single individual. Every new direction is put to vote and decided by the Dev-Committee. This attractive Model will help ensure sovereignty, stability, growth, and compelling developments. This also enables contributors to come and go on the project without commitment or constraint.

Everyone in the dev-committee/team are part-time volunteers working to improve the crypto-landscape. There are no paid developers and as a result the evolution of Artax has been remarkable. If you are in the Development Committee/Team and you decide to leave the project for any reason, all premine and resources are expected to be passed onto a new committee member that the committee will vote to appoint. Nobody has a claim on Artax as it has always been the work of atleast six or more people. As it requires a team to function, not one person can ever make decisions or control its vision.

In Artax there is no particular concept of "Core developers" in the sense of privileged people. Open source often naturally revolves around meritocracy where longer term contributors gain more trust from the developer community. These trusted people in Artax then are historically voted by the community into the "Dev-committee" . From the Dev-Committee there are repository "Dev-Premine-Managers" who are responsible for holding premine, managing chat servers, merging, moderation of committee and the appointment of new Dev members.

Development is on-going in Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Ask for an invite if you would like to volunteer in the committee.

Artax has had no Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and was subject to a true fair launch. The only way people could get XAX originally was from mining. Per the original project roadmap, a range of decisions were made by the Dev Team/Committee and the whole premine amount (still unspent from hash genesis) was then burned around a month after launch.

The manifesto of the Artax Community from inception is to better blockchain technology and to push the boundaries of on-chain storage and scaling. It is important to note that nobody is obligated to contribute to Artax. But the more people that contribute to its codebase, the better for the future of blockchain.

The Artax Committee should never have less than six members at any one time.

For more information please visit the website:

Join us on Telegram (Main), Discord or our development Wickr Server.

DISCLAIMER: Artax clients and codebase contain highly experimental software. NO WARRANTY is provided whatsoever. Use at your own risk. Artax Core is considered beta software. We make no warranties or guarantees of its security or stability. Artax (XAX) is not a security or asset and should not be treated as such. Artax's utility chain is for blockchain experimentation only, should not be used for "real-life" purposes and shall not be used for any sort of "real-life" funding . Any contracts created are for testing purposes only. The Artax chain is not designed as a financial product at all. It is an experimental digital chain run my a volunteer committee.