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ARTAX COMMITTEE - Artax [NO ICO] Community driven coin.

Establishment of steering committee for proposal implementation and planning



This proposal aims to establish a committee of node holders, developers and skilled community members to spearhead, develop, research and action proposals put forward for the future of the respective coins.

As a coin requires technical modification or direction or structural changes, a proposal for this would be tabled to the committee and approved or rejected by a voting process wherein each committee member holds a voting right. Once approval is reached, the committee will transparently manage and report on the status of the proposal through action to completion. For proposals that are deemed large enough in scope to require a community voting process, the proposal must first pass committee vote prior to a community vote taking place. This ensures only proposals that are deemed meritorious are presented to master-node holders or the community at large.

Committee formation, management and requirements.

All committee member seats are voluntary positions and they will not be paid for any committee related activities. The initial committee selection will be advertised by announcements in the various coin channels inviting interested parties to submit an application to the developers via a public channel. Applications should include brief outlines of experience, skillsets, knowledge base and may be asked for a brief interview in discord or other method to verify their credentials and experience. This is to ensure that the committee contains a range of different experience, knowledge and perspectives.

Initially, the developers will collectively choose suitable candidates based on those applications whom they wish to allocate the initial committee seats to. This will form the initial committee.

  • Committee members may step down from their seats at any time without obligation.
  • Committee members can also vote to remove a sitting committee member. The member will be voted out if a majority of 75% eligible vote is reached.
  • New committee members may be sourced by application or recommendation and must be approved by a vote amongst existing members prior to acceptance as a committee member.

Each committee member has an equal vote which is based on 100% (total voting rights) divided by the total number of active committee members.

All committee members are required to vote on tabled proposals within a deadline which is stated with the tabled proposal (see below), after which if they have not voted, a null vote is recorded. 51% of any remaining eligible vote must be passed to pass the tabled proposal.


  • 3 community members with 5% voting rights each abstain from or miss voting
  • total remaining eligible vote is 85%
  • 51% of 85% or 43% is required to pass

Proposal process, handling, approvals and rejection.

Proposals can be sourced directly if a specific need exists or arises or if ideas or opportunities to improve are bought to the attention of a committee members that warrants a proposal being put forth. Proposals are a call to a vote and also a call to research, validate and confirm the reasoning contained within the proposal as being an appropriate step to take with the coin.

Any active committee member can put forward a proposal to be tabled. For a proposal to be tabled, it must include: a) A summary of the proposal b) Any supporting evidence or data c) Any recommendations d) Timelines required to vote which can be no less than 48 hours.

A proposal must be supported by 20% of active committee members to be tabled.

All tabled proposals: a) Will be discussed and researched. b) Any modifications that are required to the proposals to finalize them will be discussed, planned and all modifications agreed via committee vote. c) Finalized proposals are closed to modifications and must be voted by committee vote to accept or reject the proposal. Once a proposal is accepted, the committee will report this finished proposal to the community and if any further modification is deemed necessary, it can be re-tabled and discussed. The committee will maintain communications for projects that are in action and will report as needed either internally. Key milestones will be reported publicly to the community.


Changed voting rights from

  • a community voting pool with 50% of the vote broken up into 5% stakes per member
  • a dev pool holding 50% of the voting rights collectively
  • ability of either pool to universally veto if all members are in agreement. To current, split equal allocation no forced veto rights. Easier

Added 75% member removal vote threshold. Added 20% of committee members must agree that a proposal is suitable to be tabled.

Artax is driven by a dedicated community of contributers yet controlled by not one single individual. Every new direction is put to vote and decided by the Dev-Committee. This attractive Model will help ensure sovereignty, stability, growth, and compelling developments. This also enables contributors to come and go on the project without commitment or constraint. All Artax contributors are treated as anonymous, unbound volunteers much like Bitcoin.

Authored by @gote (dev-committee lead)

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