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pflamiku 3

is a automatic watering system for indoor plants this here is the C Implementation of the functions needed by the hardware with an STM32L031

Its main features are:

  • FSM based user interface and workflow: clearly and unambiguously defined behaviour.

  • Minimal Memory Requirements: footprint of 25 kBytes.

  • STM32L031K6Tx.cpu a very low power microcontroller.

  • Brief
    This software is for measure 3 or 4 weight scales. Depended on the min and max programmed weight of the plants it starts a pump which is pumping water to the plant until it's max weight value is reached. The min and max values can be programmed very easy by one switch. Put a plant with dry plant soil on the device. Put the switch in prog position. The pump automatically begins to pump water to your plant. If the potting soil is wet enough put the switch in position run. From now on the device waters your plant automatically between these two programmed min and max values. Each time the weight goes under the minimum the pump runs until the maximum or a timeout is reached. The timeout value is that time doubled, that the device needed while you programmed it. This is thought as a security feature. In example if the water storage tank is empty Another feature is that the device is going in deep sleep mode if there is not enough ambient light. Normally in the night. That switch value can be programmed as well. Therefore you've to wait for the according twilight condition. Disconnect the power plug, put the switch in PROG mode, connect the power plug again. Wait until the red LED blinks. Then put the switch in normal run mode. That's it. Now the device doesn't start until it is brighter then the twilight value. Another automatic feature is the brightness of the lED. It is adjusted automatically in respect to the ambient light.

#The Hardware is also available under the terms of CC BY SA NC 4.0 PCB and Schematic on EasyEDA

The Finite State Machine on which the software is build up

is now based on FW Profile - which is a very cool of software.

Web-Based Modeling Tool and Code Generator

The FW Profile Editor is available as a web-based tool to help design FW Profile state machines and procedures and to automate the generation of the C-code which configures them. The tool can be accessed from here.

If you want to help me to bring this Produkt to market please contact the developers at this e-mail address.

to build and compile we use STMCubeMX

this software is available for free on the ST homepage STM32CubeMX and ST4STM32 AC6 IDE


The owner of the project is Atelier Merath.


Use of this software is granted under the terms of CC BY SA NC 4.0 see LICENSE.


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