Unified front-end client for various 3rd-party search services.
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Universal Search

This is a unified front-end client to integrate various 3rd-party search services. It is made to enable searching on platforms like Hexo, Ghost, and any general websites that don't already have searching.

This plugin is only a front-end client. You still need to register and configure the services, including create and upload site indexes. For detailed instruction on registration and configuration of these search services, please refer to my series of tutorials:

This plugin depends on jQuery.

Use in Production

Here are the files you need to include into your project:

  • Everything under ./demo/fonts.
  • Everything under ./demo/img.
  • Load ./demo/universal-search.css in <head>.
  • Load ./demo/universal-search.js after jQuery.

Enable a search service following the examples in ./demo/config.js.


Clone this project and install.

git clone https://github.com/artchen/universal-search.git
npm install
npm build