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This app plays beats on clicking on different colors.
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Project Music-App

This project is being developed during KWoC 2019.

Project Structure

This is a simple WebApp which plays beats on pressing any key of the keyboard or by taping the switches displayed.

Screenshot (116)

Tools Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Vanilla JS

File Structure:

  • sounds folder container beats that are used in this project.

  • index.html contains the structure of the App.

  • style.css has been used to design the App.

  • index.js contains functionality of the App.

  • data.js contains functionality on producing sounds by pressing keys on keyboard.

Usage For beginners:

  1. Download the zip file from this link :-
  2. Open the zip file and inside it double tap the index.html file.

How to contribute to the code

In order to contribute to the code, you have to

  1. First fork this repository on Github.
  2. Clone the repository from your own account (install git and run git clone
  3. Create a new branch in git, make changes to the code and commit your changes after testing them.
  4. Once a new feature has been added or a bug has been removed, merge it with the master branch and send a pull request to the original repository and that's it.

Feel free to contribute to this project and improve its UI and functionality to make it more comprehensive.


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