Abstract xmpp component written in Erlang/OTP
Erlang Makefile
Latest commit dd127e7 Jun 3, 2016 @artefactop Update from altenwald fork (#32)
* use dirty instead of transactions to avoid bottlenecks (and only timems in own node)

* use timem only for IQ stanzas

* remove try..catch

* better visualization for sections

* add quiet step type

* change simple to master in doc

* hack application instead of doing a mock

* typo error

* typo error

* enhance tests

* update erlang versions for travis-ci

* better metrics configuration

* fix metrics tests

* send result and error messages to the process

* fix doc

* ensure the name of the tags are strings

* ensure the main name for stanza is in the same format (string)

* use the correct type depends on stanza

* ensure not fail if the meck it's up

* add debug for check lost messages in virtual environments

* control better the processes to be launch

* refactor ACL and use less spawn

* add coverage to ignore

* update meck to 0.8.2 and do compatible with Erlang/OTP 17

* add coveralls

* typo error

* FIXME: looks like coveralls module is not compatible with meck (0.8.2)

* update doc and add sync_send/4 adding timeout as 4th param

* more information for tests

* avoid sync_send (when it's using PID for return) crash metrics

* add support to receive unordered stanzas

* add multiping test to unordered and multiple stanzas

* [ci skip] Update testing doc

Add information about multi-stanza test and information about `mockups` attributes.

* add support to add acl from functional tests (xml)

* add tests to show how include acl in xml

* validate child nodes when comparing stanzas

* fixed validation of step type

* add test for component acl

* update doc: how to use access-list with set and get

* fix doc

* change to eunit way

* better compatibility with OTP 18

* converted code to use eunit instead of direct running

* add tests for travis-ci using OTP 17 and notification to Altenwald Slack channel

* fix error on reload base module in every test

* changed output in doc

* let reference code instead of use inline

* fix and test for code referenced in a step

* fix start and stop code calling from an external module

* fix arity in start and stop codes

* better output for error in mocks

* change the way to generate functions for mocks

* typo error in output for failed mock

* fix the way to implement code in steps

* add doc headers to the new functions

* ensure to fail when meck fails

* skip test if linked process died abnormally

* Fix badmatch error when processor crashes

If a module callback processor crashes a badmatch exception was thrown
in the exception handler code. This crash would take down the entire
ecomponent application and no default error response would be send to

* add class to correct match