WP7+ fast and powerfull image loader with memory and storage caching for your projects!
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JetImageLoaderSample [project][feature] Sample app added! Oct 12, 2013


JetImageLoader load, cache, show, do it again!

Fast and powerful image loader with memory and storage caching for your Windows Phone 7+ projects!

(Many ideas were taken from UniversalImageLoader for Android)

####Like a boss:

  • Load images
  • Cache them in memory
  • Cache them on storage
  • Do it asynchronously

sample screenshot

##Why JetImageLoader is super?##

####0) It was created to work as Converter! Look:

<Image Source="{Binding YourImageUri, Converter={StaticResource MyAppJetImageLoaderConverter}}"/>

#####WOW, yeah? Super awesome!

##How to add && configure JetImageLoader in your project?

  1. Easy to add to your project and start using it in only 4 simple steps:
  • 1.1) Add reference to JetImageLoader.dll or use nuget: PM> Install-Package WP-JetImagLoader
  • 1.2) Extend JetImageLoaderConverter and configure it:
    public class MyAppJetImageLoaderConverter : BaseJetImageLoaderConverter
        protected override JetImageLoaderConfig GetJetImageLoaderConfig()
            return new JetImageLoaderConfig.Builder
                IsLogEnabled     = true,
                CacheMode        = CacheMode.MemoryAndStorageCache,
                DownloaderImpl   = new HttpWebRequestDownloader(),
                MemoryCacheImpl  = new WeakMemoryCache(),
                StorageCacheImpl = new LimitedStorageCache(IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication(), 
                                   "\\image_cache", new SHA1CacheFileNameGenerator(), 1024 * 1024 * 10), // == 10 MB
  • 1.3) Declare MyAppJetImageLoaderConverter in App.xaml:
  • 1.4) Set it as Converter for Image:

aaand that is all, now it can load images from network, cache them in memory and storage and then load them from cache!

  1. You can use your own implementations:
    Downloader implementation    — just implement IDownloader interface
    Memory cache implementation  — just extend BaseMemoryCache abstract class
    Storage cache implementation — just extend BaseStorageCache abstract class
  1. JetImageLoader already has basic implementations for all this things:
    1 Downloader implemetation      — HttpWebRequestDownloader based on HttpWebRequest class
    1 Memory cache implementation   — WeakMemoryCache based on WeakRefDictionary with weak references
                                     and auto GC cleaning (very cool)
    2 Storage cache implementations — LimitedStorageCache with configurable limit in bytes to store on disk
                                     and stupid UnlimitedStorageCache implementation

####NuGet: PM> Install-Package WP-JetImagLoader