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ActiveMQ Artemis Operator

This project is a Kubernetes operator to manage the Apache ActiveMQ Artemis message broker.


The current api version of all main CRDs managed by the operator is v1beta1.


The provides simple steps to quickly get the operator up and running as well as deploy/managing broker deployments.


The describes how to build operator and how to test your changes

OLM integration

The contains instructions for how to build operator bundle images and integrate it into Operator Liftcycle Manager framework.

Debugging operator inside a container

Install delve in the builder container, i.e. RUN go install Disable build optimization, i.e. go build -gcflags="all=-N -l" Copy delve to the base-env container, i.e. COPY --from=builder /go/bin/dlv /bin Execute operator using delve, i.e. /bin/dlv exec --listen= --headless=true --api-version=2 --accept-multiclient ${OPERATOR} $@