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Welcome to Django Mail Templated documentation!

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Django Mail Templated is a tiny wrapper around the standard EmailMessage class and send_mail() function that provides an easy way to create email messages using the :mod:`Django template system <django.template>`

The Source code is available at GitHub under MIT license.


  • Built with OOP, KISS and flexibility in mind. Really small and simple, but yet full-featured (I hope).
  • Extends and mimics the built-in Django's :class:`EmailMessage <django.core.mail.EmailMessage>` and :func:`send_mail() <django.core.mail.send_mail>`. Compatible as much as possible.
  • Fully supports Django template system including template inheritance (thanks to BradWhittington for the note about the problem).
  • Supports any possible template engines and loaders.
  • Supports serialisation (thanks to arjandepooter).
  • Fully covered with tests.
  • Tested with Django 1.4-1.9.
  • Compatible with Python 3.

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