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;; Code looks a big ugly because it should work with advanced
;; optimization. React packager somehow spoils goog.require
;; All credits to
(ns ktoa.repl
#?(:cljs (:require [ktoa.core :as core]
[ktoa.components :as components])))
#?(:cljs (do
(def config (atom {}))
(defn download [urls]
(when (seq urls)
(let [[url cb] (first urls)
url' (str (:base-url @config) "/" url "?" (rand-int 1000))
_ (.log js/console (str "Downloading: " url'))
prom (-> (js/fetch url')
(.then #(.text %))
(.then #(do (cb %)
;; Let's tell figwheel to get WS lib from the right place
(when (re-find #"figwheel.client.socket.js" url)
(aset (aget js/figwheel "client" "socket") "get_websocket_imp" (fn[](js/require "WebSocket"))))
;; <script> tags cannot be used for file reload. Let's put our own download instead
(when (re-find #"" url)
(aset (aget (js/eval "goog") "net" "jsloader") "load"
(let [def (js/eval "new goog.async.Deferred()")]
(download [[(str "goog/" load-url)
(fn[s](do (js/eval s)
((goog.bind (aget def "callback") def))))]])
(download (rest urls)))))]
((goog.bind (aget prom "catch") prom) #(.error js/console %)))))
(defn start-figwheel []
(download [["goog/base.js" js/eval]
["cljs_deps.js", js/eval]
["goog/deps.js", (fn[text]
(js/eval text)
(let [deps (atom [])
loader #(do (.log js/console "Loader called for: " %)
(swap! deps conj %)
req (js/eval "goog.require")
goog (js/eval "goog")]
;; Standard way of extending Clousure with our own loader
(aset (aget goog "global") "CLOSURE_IMPORT_SCRIPT" loader)
(.log js/console "Starting figwheel")
(req "figwheel.connect")
(.log js/console (str "Starting namespace: " (:root-ns @config)))
(req (:root-ns @config))
(.log js/console (str "Loading " (count @deps) " deps"))
(download (map #(identity [(str "goog/" %) js/eval]) @deps))))]]))
(defn root-component []
(components/class {:render #(components/text {:onPress (fn[](start-figwheel))} "Start figwheel")
:componentWillMount #(start-figwheel)}))
(defn start [{:keys [app-name base-url root-ns modules req-modules]}]
(if-not (core/app-registered? app-name)
(.log js/console (str "Starting REPL for app " app-name))
(reset! config {:base-url base-url :root-ns root-ns})
(let [deps (zipmap modules req-modules)
orig-req js/require]
(aset js/window "require" #(or (get deps %) (orig-req %))))
(core/run-app! app-name root-component))
(.log js/console (str "App with same name already registered. Check your config" app-name))))))
(defmacro start-repl [config]
(let [req (fn [n] `(js/require ~n))]
;; As RN require is more like derective, rather than a function we have to call it from the global scope
`(do (def ~'required-modules (vector ~@(map req (:modules config))))
(repl/start (assoc ~config :req-modules ~'required-modules))))))
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