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Plugin for loglevel JS lib which will forward all log messages to the server
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Plugin for JS logger loglevel which will forward all log messages to the server


  • Send is async and wouldn't slow down the application
  • Messages send one by one, so the order is maintained
  • Any server which accept POST request should be supported
  • You can specify prefix function which would dynamically add prefix for all log messages (app name, current user, etc.)



Add loglevel and loglevel-serverSend scripts to your page first. Then configure the plugin:

##loglevelServerSend(logger, options) Extend loglevel with new plugin which will send log information to the log-sever

Param Type Description
logger object loglevel instance to be extended
options object
[options.url='http://localhost:8000/main/log'] string Server url which would be used as a log server
[options.prefix=null] string | function Prefix for all log messages. Either string or function wich should return string and accept log severity and message as parameters
[options.callOriginal=false] Bool If set to true - original loglevel method for logging would be called


loglevelServerSend(log,{url:'',prefix: function(logSev,message) {
    return '[' + new Date().toISOString() + '] ' + logSev + ': ' + message + '\n'   


It should be fairly easy to create a server which will store all the log messages, but most probably node-log-server would be good enough for you

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